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2014 plans:
Jan-Feb: Arizona concerts
Early March: Minnesota
Late March-May: Arizona
June-July: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota
August: Arizona
September:  New Mexico, Texas,
Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado
October-Feb '15:  Arizona

Some of the most beautiful high-definition scenery on DVD...
Featuring gorgeous nature scenes from all four seasons. 

*Bible verses of praise for
the beauty of God's creation
*Find relaxation as your mind is bathed in the loveliness of the wilderness.
*Find peace as your mind relaxes to the tranquil
music of harp, flute, and orchestral arrangements.



Long Winter Evenings

Completely instrumental musical arrangements are designed to
*help regulate heart rate
*help regulate blood pressure *increase oxygen efficiency so you feel refreshed and renewed.
*regulate brain waves to a more relaxed state, where greater creativity and productivity can take place.

On each DVD choose from 60 minutes of relaxing scenes:

*flickering candles
*cozy fireplaces
*enchanting winter scenery

Loop these with natural sounds or with relaxing music of
*Native American Flute
*Wind chimes

Choose between ethereal arrangements of favorite Christmas Carols, peaceful music or the sounds of the crackling fireplace.

"Long Winter Evenings" DVD:the only fireplace DVD with the beauty of harp music:
the perfect gift of relaxation, for family times, quiet times and anytime!

The scenes and music make it the ultimately peaceful Christmas gift to give!

Lots of your favorites carols!  A GREAT Christmas gift idea for the person who has everything. 

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Totally unique.
Totally sophisticated.
Totally you!


"In His Arms" CD

A favorite with our customers.  Meant to help with rest and relaxation, "In His Arms" has favorite hymns like "Eagle's Wings," and "Jesus Loves Me," along with beautiful harp and flute pieces. If you or someone you care about doesn't sleep well, this CD is for you.


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Still everyone's favorite:

Heavenly Harp 2 CD set of inspirational stories and songs

Favorite hymns like Amazing Grace, In the Garden, and It is Well with My Soul, along with beautiful instrumental pieces.

Featuring harp, flute and up to 5 part vocals the first CD contains inspirational stories and songs, perfect for anyone facing a difficult time.  The second CD has just the music, so the first CD can be passed on to someone else who needs it.

Two CDs for the price of one!

"Pure Joy" 

Masterpieces for Harp

By Joy Gunderson

After releasing her first CD at age thirteen, Joy's new CD is nothing short of AMAZING, recorded at age eighteen!  Gorgeous, semi-classical harp masterpieces will bring you "Pure Joy" and delight!

Favorite Songs from the 30's, 40's & 50's

By Karin Gunderson

Including  favorite love songs like:
It Had to Be You 
(I'll be Loving You) Always
I Left My HEart in San Francisco
What a Wonderful World
I Don't Know Why, I Love You Like I Do
Smile (though Your Heart is Aching)
Near You
Unchained Melody

"Gift of Peace"                       A Heavenly Harp Christmas

All your favorite Christmas Carols 

with harp, flute, wind chimes,
children's choir, hand bells, and up to 5-part vocals. 

Bring peace back into the Christmas season.  This CD even includes a Christmas prayer for your friends and family.  The perfect way to quietly share your faith.



::Christmas Morning DVD::

*Beautiful, soothing nature scene DVD:

Magical winter scenery with several Heavenly Harp vocal and instrumental & instrumental-only Christmas pieces along with an occasional Bible verse printed across the screen.


::Seasons Wonders::
Some of the most beautiful scenery we've ever seen coupled with scripture verses, harp instrumentals,
& orchestral arrangements with soothing nature sounds.



::The Promise DVD :: 

Favorite vocal with harp hymns like "Amazing Grace," "In the Garden," and "It is Well with My Soul," combined with orchestral arrangements, gorgeous scenery and Bible verses of our inheritance as Christians.


These last three DVDs contain some of the most beautiful scenery we have ever seen, however, even though Heavenly Harp music is included,we do not receive any royalties if you buy your DVDs through Scenic Praise, which is the contact information given most often on the DVD and it's case.  Our email address is only at the end of the DVD, so please continue to support us.  Our profits support four different ministry sites.


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